Dear Erica, You are a star. You embody everything girly and womanly. You showcased to the world the struggles girls are told to hide by society and you did so unapologetically.

The things I love about Erica…. Of course, her smile, but a lot as well. I love how emotional you are. I love how all your emotions on a scale of 1-10 is always a 10. If you’re happy, It’s a 10, if you’re sad, It’s a 10, If you’re angry, It’s a 10. Everything with you is a 10. And as I watched you, I experienced extreme emotions too, I was happy when you were happy, I was angry when you were and when you had your strikes, I was scared for you. When you got sick, I felt sorry for you. When you became moody in the house, It affected my mood as well and when people asked why, I will say, Erica is not happy. I was ready to fight anybody on the streets for you… even literally. I loved your party ginger. Your expressions were priceless. I loved your style, you were funny and fun to watch to watch. Thank you to the No. 1 actress, Erica Nlewedim, for being you. You gave us confidence, inspiration, pride and a story. We are so proud of you no matter what. We love you big time and You’re worth so much more than you know.