Dear Erica,

Sincerely I can’t explain how I feel about you. Your love, your care, your good thought to others, your smile. As it is everyone calls me mummy erica because you are never wrong in my eyes. You are flawless. Damn never seen such a kind, selfless, humble human as you
Your craziness, ambitious, bougie self talent drew me to you. You are the light you are the STAR. Am adopting your name Erica for my first daughter and Ngozi for my second daughter am not igbo but I feel connected to you in Every way.
All that happens to human in this world has the support of God. There is a reason for everything I know in some kind of way its a lesson to you. You were destined for greatness, you we’re destined to be a Shinning STAR. May God protect you from all evil, shield and protect you STAR GIRL. I love you and hope to meet you one day. Keep being you hun