Hi star girl Erica, I’ve known you for 3yrs now, I remember when I first saw you in the movie Royal castle of love, I was like hmm this babe is making sense, fast forward to this Corona Break we have now, I watched Hire a woman and I was like this babe again, I wanted to follow your IG page but I got distracted Seeing you on BBN that first day, I told everyone I was supporting you, I was so excited that I even sent a message to your IG page that I’m a big fan and I told every single person I was stanning you already. Dearest president of the Elites League you are wonderfully and fearfully made by God, you are unique, to be honest you really captured my heart and I never regret being a fan of yours. I will keep sending my messages to your IG page. I miss you and I love you so much. Keep on shining ERICA