Ericuurrrrrrr!!!! (In Kiddwaya’s voice), Star Girl E!!!,

I hope you are as well and as happy as you have made Elite League.

For the 1st time, I actively followed BB from Day 1 to 49…because of you!

For the 1st time, I learnt to use Twitter…because of you!

For the 1st time, I donated to a cause like this without a 2nd thought…because of you!

For the 1st time, I unashamedly supported my fave…because it is you!

For the 1st time, I am writing a Fanmail…because it is You!…

I remember your intro to the house when you said you are the star of the show and I thought, “this one will not calm down now, she has not even met the other house mates”. Little did I know… You kept me glued with your stay and oohhhh how I missed you when you left.

I used to wonder what it was with you, why you affected the Elite League this way, until aunty Mildred O put it so aptly when she said you have a certain Je ne sais quoi about you, which only royalty has. You made me realize that there is power in my dream and my spoken words about myself.

I pray you never stop being yourself and that you enjoy your life’s journey while we will are here watching and cheering you on.

Love You Presido!