Ada Uche

My dearest Erica,

Where do I even start? I guess I will start by saying the first few things that come to my mind. Thank you and I love you and I admire you more than anyone. You are, without a doubt and without equal, the greatest person I have ever known. I cannot think of a single person that I have watched on the reality show that can compare to you. The first time you graced my TV with your smiles and beauty, I fell deeply in love with you. I told my mum that first day that your smiles was captivating and angelic. 

To be honest I was charmed with your uniqueness that is equal to none. You always valued honesty and the truth above all things. Watching every day was what I come home to do and that always takes my stress of the day away and gave me a high and positive spirit. Thank you once more for those happiness you were unknowingly giving me with just being your true self. 
With every passing day my respect for you is growing higher and higher. You have been a real super Hero to Me and I am super proud of you my dear Erica.

Your dearest Elite 
Ada Uche