Abanke Ade

Dear Erica,Star girl!!!I’ve been trying hard the entire day to come up with what to write to you, and I’ve come to the realization that words aren’t just enough.For someone I haven’t personally met, this rush of emotions is a first for me.You came, saw and conquered. Even though it may not look like it right now, you conquered.The day you were disqualified, in my house, one would think we lost a loved one. My mum was restless the whole night and I legit lost my appetite for 3 whole days. Honestly, I’m still recovering. Anyway, its all good.I’m glad you said you’re focusing on yourself and all the love because the love for you from all over is unfathomable. Sometimes, people ask why I love you so much and when i think about it, there are so many reasons that it becomes a no reason situation .Anyway, I’ll end the long talk. I love You, my family loves You, my friends love you. Well, like someone said, “You can’t be overwhelmed by the love yet when we’re just getting started”I hope and pray you don’t change cos that’s who we love. I pray for strength and grace to get through this period unscathed and come out with a “bang” like you said. Do all you’ve gotta do , take all the time you need, God’s gotcha. You’re our winner!!..no cap!I hope to meet you someday to tell you personally how loved you are with my full chest.I hope you smile after reading this.

Yours truly, An Elite.